Structured Cable

Structured cable can be comprised of many different types of cable (speaker, coax, cat5/6, alarm, phone, etc;) that deliver data from the internet, video, audio, and other types of content and/or services to your home from various providers,(ex; your local cable company) A poorly designed cabling infrastructure can fail to deliver the content you want, where you want it, and when you want it in a timely manner. It also can become outdated before it’s time if future use is not taken into consideration. Having a structured cabling system will allow you to accomplish the following:

Whole house music systems: which enable you to listen to different audio sources (Streaming Internet Radio, I-Pod, CD, Regular FM Radio, etc;) through speaker systems in different rooms of your Home at the same time. You could listen to Internet Radio in one room while listen to CD’s in another room with each room having control over volume and content. In-ceiling, in-wall, and invisible in-wall speaker systems are just but a few of the offerings we can present to you.

Distributed Video System: will allow you to do much the same as the whole house music systems except that you will be sending video signals comprising sources such as Satellite, Cable, DVD, and streaming video sources such as Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, You Tube and many others through different rooms of your home.
This also eliminates the need to have separate components in each room that you want to have sound and/or music delivered to.