Overview of our Services

Consultation, Design and Project Management

Teamwork. Three young architects working on a project

Bring us your dreams so that we may turn them into reality. We will work with you, your designer, architect, and/or builder to make sure that what you envisioned comes to fruition. Once we’ve met with you to discuss your wants and needs, we will design the system (s) so that they will meet or exceed your performance expectations. During the whole process from start to finish, we will communicate and work with any and all trades involved with your home project to make sure our common goal of interoperability and completion is achieved.  Learn More

Home Theatre

Want to know how to avoid the drive to the local cinema, people kicking your chair from behind, the $4.00 hot dogs, the $7.00 tubs of popcorn , and the ever rising ticket prices?

The answer is easy, let us install a Home Theater in your home to eliminate all of the above, and give you the best seat in the house every time you listen to music or watch a movie.  Learn More….

Network/Phone Systems

With the plethora of internet connected devices (wired and wireless) available today, it has become more important than ever to have a robust home network system.  Smart TV’s, Streaming Media Boxes, Cable and Satellite boxes, Cell Phones, I-Pads, Laptop and Desktop Computers, etc;. now make up the bulk of devices with which we use to gather information, communicate with each other, and view/listen to entertainment in our homes. The internet service providers (your local phone and cable companies as examples) normally install “off the shelf” lower grade equipment which may become “bogged” down when several devices at the same time need to access the internet within your home.  Let Marconi Radio take a look at your current system and take inventory of what your needs are right now or will be in the future and design a system which will give you better security and unencumbered internet access. Learn More

Surveillance Systems

iStock_000040928290mediumFeeling safe, and secure in your Home and/or Business is a right that we are all entitled to. Using  surveillance cameras to remotely monitor your Home/Business while your away using your Smartphone, tablet or computer will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is as it should be. Today’s modern cameras allow viewing and recording in almost pitch black conditions. And while at Home, camera video can be distributed and seen on any TV or other devices previously mentioned. Let Marconi Radio design a surveillance system to fit your needs and budget. Learn More

Media Server & Storage

No longer have the clutter of your CD’s and DVD’s laying around to get scratched and even lost. Build your own database of movies and music to be streamed throughout your house or office. We offer several formats to do this to include: Fusion Research, Dune, and Helix Media Systems. Learn More

Structured Cable

Structured cable can be comprised of many different types of cable (speaker, coax, cat5/6, alarm, phone, etc;)  that deliver data from the internet, video, audio, and other types of content and/or services to your home from various providers,(ex; your local cable company) A poorly designed cabling infrastructure can fail to deliver the content you want, where you want it, and when you want it in a timely manner. It also can become outdated before it’s time if future use is not taken into consideration.  Having a structured cabling system will allow you to accomplish the following:

Whole house music systems: which enable you to listen to different audio sources (Streaming Internet Radio, I-Pod, CD, Regular FM Radio, etc;) through speaker systems in  different rooms of your Home at the same time. You could listen to Internet Radio in one room while listen to CD’s in another room with each room having control over volume and content.  In-ceiling, in-wall, and invisible in-wall speaker systems are just but a few of the offerings we can present to you. Learn More


Now that we’ve explained to you some of the services that we offer (and we offer more than is shown) we need to discuss how you are going to “control” it all. We offer control systems from several manufacturers such as Crestron, Control 4, and URC.  Control of your system(s) can be accomplished through the use of a separate remote control or through the use of your smartphone (android or i-phone) or smart tablet (Android based or iPad). Learn More

Outdoor Entertainment

Californians tend to spend a lot of time outdoors due to year round good weather. We tend to put more work into our backyards so that we may entertain, barbecue, swim in our pools, or just enjoy the relaxing with family and friends. But did you know that you can also bring your “inside” home entertainment outside? We have available to us many manufacturers of weather-resistant Flatscreen TV’s, Projection systems, in-ground or above ground speaker systems with subwoofers that when properly designed and implemented will allow you to evenly fill your backyard with high quality sound. Outdoors, see and hear the same video/audio content that you now enjoy inside your home, let us show you how. Learn More