About Us  

Marconi Radio was founded in 1959 by two men of Italian descent who came over from Italy to take advantage of the great opportunities that America had to offer.  They first opened up a repair shop in Montrose California servicing TV’s and audio components. They then purchased land a few blocks away and built a two story building, moved in and started selling and servicing TV’s and audio components. As you can see, customer service was and still is a high priority here at Marconi Radio.  We are now located in Sun Valley California and have gone on to offer our Clients many more products and services. 

Our Mission Statement is simple:

  • Listen: Listen to what the Client’s needs and wants are.
  • Design: Design and engineer a solution to meet the Client’s expectations.
  • Execute: Execute the installation as if it were being done in your own home
  • Follow Up: Follow up with the Client to make sure the end result has met their expectations

Other companies will tell you what celebrities they have worked with, or what awards they have won, or what large project they are now working on. And this is all great, and we can respect that, but at the end of the day, all that matters is how you feel about your experience in working with us, and are you satisfied with the outcome. Life is about experiences, and we want yours to be a pleasurable one when you work with us.

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